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You know what else it costs to write about and talk about consent? I’m going to be super real with y’all. It has cost me the vast majority of my relationships with men. Not all at once, but eventually, over time, one by one. It was one sexist joke too many, it was one boundary-crossing-creep-defender over the line. It was the constant microaggressions or the combination of being privileged and defensive about it and unable or unwilling to do any better. Most grew weary of arguing about feminist issues, or about the fact that I wouldn’t let them just win those arguments, even though they usually had no idea what they were talking about. They couldn’t deal with the fact that I won’t allow anyone to say disparaging shit to and about me and mine. Or they won’t or can’t do better after I explain how to do better many many times and finally I have to peace out on them for my own safety. I have at present a tiny handful of guy friends. One I get into arguments with nearly every time we talk. I fear that relationship may go the way of most of my past relationships with subtly sexist men—away, that is to say. Which is really too fucking bad. Because the truth is, I don’t hate men—I hate male privilege. I really like men, shit, I love them actually, some of them. I miss having men friends, but not enough to let the mild misogyny slide. I have got to take care of me and mine. That’s where we clash, because I refuse to just smooth things over, to just let things go. They’re accustomed to deference and I’ve taught myself to drop that habit as best I can.



Backstage at the Chromat SS15 Runway Show
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Photo by Rebecca Smeyne 

OMG yes (pt.2)

I really need that top!

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fun fact my jaw is currently breaking out like whoa but buff buff buff away the fact that u are human and flawed



Sailor Uranus x Sailor Neptune / Haruka x Michiru

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Abandoned Yellow House in Nova Scotia, Matt Madden & Kim Vallis

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Lady Vengeance (2005) posters

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The Daily Show”s Jessica Williams makes Paper's 'Beautiful People' List for 2014. Photographed by Harper Smith.

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